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January 22, 2008

Environmental Outlook

The environment is one of those issues that has been around since earliest memory. Recently it has been given elevated status in the view of the world. It is now important to be environmentally conscious no matter who you are, what business you are in or what you sell. Utility companies have increased demand for green energy because individuals have begun to take it upon themselves to lead more environmentally focused lives. Businesses promote their environmental policies and progress on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. In every product category there is now an environmentally friendly option.

This has elevated beyond the realm of simple social trend. Being environmentally friendly is now an issue that every person and company has an obligation to face together. That's not to say that everyone has the same opinion of how to go about that or why it is the case, but it is to the point that everyone is taking notice. Car companies advertise efficient cars more often than SUVs now. Grocery stores provide better positioning for green products. Schools devote special lesson plans for how to be more friendly to the earth.

My company is driving towards an internal goal of having an environmental aspect to every project that we work on. That's not to say that we are an environmentally focused company, it is to say that we believe it is important enough for a mention in every project that comes through our door. Most of what we do is project management and strategy consulting business. Our clients are typically financially focused and have large issues occupying their attention from the little steps they could be taking at the same time.

We don't sell a tangible product that anyone can touch and feel. What we do is advise companies on how to do better with the people they have, the real estate they occupy and the money they spend. One of the ways that we do that is by recommending environmentally friendly solutions. It is surprising how many buildings don't even use or plan for high efficiency lighting. On the consulting side we are able to provide the environmental impact of transportation options. Reducing transportation costs means that you are driving fewer miles and causing less pollution all while saving money.

Imagine the impact if every company considered the environmental impact of every project that they undertake. Simply by having it in mind when making a decision typically will produce a better solution with almost no extra cost and probably some long term savings involved. It's the little steps that are going to get us to a goal of environmental improvement. It's taking it into account for problems that don't seem related that will be part of the solution.

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