Who is Integrated Strategies?

October 3, 2007


For those early adopters out there who may have found this blog before it even started, I would just like to hello and give a brief introduction of what this blog is planned to be, what I plan on covering, and where I hope to take it.

Integrated Strategies is a full service consulting firm. We help clients improve their business processes so that they can focus on improving their overall company and continuing to grow and improve. Our services range from Site Selection to Logistics and Supply Chain to Space Planning and Project Management. Truly, we can handle any type of project for any type of client.

This blog is planned to be a place for describing our methods, giving tips on how to improve your business, and understanding how bad processes can spread through a system and add costs to your business. Eventually this blog should migrate to a permanent site associated with our consulting practice. We are in the process of getting the Integrated Strategies brand up and fully functional. This is just one step in the process.

Hopefully this blog will add value to readers. The intended audience is anyone who has or may ever have the ability to affect process functionality, be they C-level decision makers, department heads or proactive employees. Comments will be open to hopefully help drive conversation concerning the topics discussed. We want to create an active and involved audience that can drive additional thoughts on any given subject. Active participation is the first step to a successful site.


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