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March 28, 2008

Cutting Edge of Communication

Want to know a secret? Email is not a key source of communication anymore. I get more good information via snail-mail now than through my email box. People are on the move so often now that email is a burden for sending and receiving detailed information. It's great for passing along meeting notices though.

The artificial limitations built into email make it difficult to manage for a large number of users. Too many places limit the amount of storage space you can use. Another common issue is the size of files that can fit through the filters. Good information anymore is larger than 5MB. A good picture is larger than 5MB!

Email creates a way for trackable communication. If you need a timestamp to identify when you sent something then email is absolutely the way to go. For every other type of non-marketing communication email simply is not the best route anymore. FTPs create a simple way for safe file transfer or even a free website where you can upload files for someone to download. Need to share pictures use something like Flickr online which allows you to do more than simply view the pictures.

Information is more than 1 dimensional. Remember that the next time you are typing up that long email with lots of files. Think about if there's a better way to control the flow of what you need to share. New communication methods only make things easier for others, not harder.

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