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February 18, 2008

Common Sense Forgotten

How many times have you come across a situation where there is a process and set of procedures in place that seem to run completely opposite of common sense? It happens far too often in business that good intentions run awry. Tracing backward in time it is easy to find the events and rational decisions that led to the situation. Every action was justified at the time and made perfect sense. However times have changed but the process hasn't.

Well run companies don't make rules that are not necessary. Employees are given the responsibility to solve problems the way the judge best. The more unnecessary rules that are in place, the more likely there are some that get in the way of efficiency and progress. Anyone worth keeping notices the obstacles to their success and either work to get rid of those obstacles or find a way around them (which sometimes means them leaving to have a better shot at moving up).

Remember to take the time and review the day-to-day requirements that you put upon the people beneath and around you. Every process should be reviewed regularly and everything should be kept up to date. If you have time to make them, you have time to keep up with them.

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