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November 29, 2007

Strategy for Building Owners

One of the more difficult tasks for building owners is knowing and keeping up with everything that is happening with their building(s). If you own multiple locations it can be nearly impossible to keep track of all the changes being made, keep track of leases, make sure operations and maintenance is consistent, and stay on top of new ways to lower costs. Sure, you could try and keep up with it yourself or you could hire a crack team of consultants to constantly come in and look at everything and propose changes they find on any given day of the week, but those just aren't quite the best solutions.

A new solution is being offered at Integrated Strategies. We have the capabilities to track every lease (and their details), help implement a low-cost procurement plan, keep you informed about the latest technologies and work with you to continually lower operating costs. Our solution is that we have gone out, formed all the relationships and invested in the best technologies already to help you. We have relationships with carpet manufacturers to deliver carpet at sometimes 40% less than traditional dealers. We have relationships with lighting vendors to audit your current lights and deliver a high ROI solution to lower your utilities and improve operations. Our consulting services are second to none when it comes to helping with strategic decisions.

It can be frustrating to deal with different vendors for every different aspect of a facility. Tenants keep introducing their own wrinkles into the process as well. If you haven't put anything more than a day-to-day operations plan in place then you are leaving money on the table that you could be using to improve your margins. At the end of the day if you can reduce your operating costs by $1 a square foot then you are only helping yourself.

Being a building owner is an investment of your capital. Your goal is to get the best return possible for what you have put in. If there is a better, easier way to improve your business isn't it at least worth a look? We would love to come in and show you where we can add value to your operation either as part of a one-time project or as part of a long-term relationship. It can't hurt to see what's possible.

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