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November 8, 2007

Integrated Strategies - What We Do

I've received a couple of comments recently that say the topics are a little too broad to develop a targeted audience. There is a reason for that. Remember that this is a company blog (still very young in terms of number of articles) and the goal is to try and cover as much of what we offer as possible. Right now we are still in the ground laying phase. There is a lot to do in order to get an established archive of background and to begin putting some more organization around the posts. Everything is sort of scattered but not for long. To my point, let's review what Integrated Strategies offers to our customers and clients:

1. Real Estate Consulting
2. Supply Chain Consulting
3. Workplace Strategies and Design
4. Project and Construction Management
5. Strategic Facilities and Operations Planning
6. Facilities, Property and Portfolio Management

When we talk to clients about our scope of available services they are usually fairly doubtful initially. How many firms will actually evaluate, plan, design, execute and maintain a project from beginning to end. Typically you need 3 or more consulting firms to get through something of that size. Having the real estate planning team execute a construction project is traditionally out of the question because of over-specialized consulting houses. In the end you pay extra for each additional extra group you have to bring in. Why not bring in one company that can support your internal Real Estate and Facilities teams.

You will see on the right hand side a new area called Service Lines. I have gone back and tagged posts with each of our service lines plus a 7th tag for posts that show our thoughts on business and how we operate. This will help readers identify where the topic of any given post falls in our range of services and give them a better way of researching their needs.

It will be hard for this blog to fit into a specific category because of everything our company covers. However, if I had to say what internet "niche" we fall in it would be Business Improvement. The responsibility we assign to ourselves internally for every project we are involved in is to fill the role of client advocate. We want every one of our clients to be in a better position at the end of the day to grow and develop their business successfully. If we haven't put them in a position to do that then we were not successful in what we were hired for.

We are new at the blogging game and apologize if things seem a little random. There is a lot that we want to cover with you and a wealth of information that we have to share. I hope that this clarifies what we do and that this gives you some sense of who we are. Please feel free to contact us either through the new contact area on the side or leave us a comment. We want to drive discussion around all of our topics and want to help you (either through this blog or through our company).


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