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October 25, 2007

Entrepreneurial America

Small business is the backbone of America. Economic growth depends on new businesses and small businesses. Sometimes it can be scary to hear the success rate statistics or about the flash in the pan businesses. A lot of people that would like to break away from the corporate world decide not to because they hear that only 20% of businesses survive past 4 years.

Fear not though. According to many recent studies most small businesses actually make it past the four year mark. 50% according to some studies. If ever there was a time to break out on your own and ride that idea that has been sitting in the back of your head it is now. Most people have that one idea that they think could be their key to independence and financial security. Deciding to actually break out and execute it is the hardest part. Leaving a secure job and pay check is a scary thing to do.

Fortunately, it has never been easier to find assistance in starting up your business. Venture capital companies seem to be everywhere giving out money to all kinds of new businesses. Small business loans are fairly easy to get for the common entrepreneur. Consulting companies are around to help you plan out every aspect of your business you don't have the know how to set up perfectly yourself. Consulting companies specializing in every aspect of business exist: Real estate, management, recruiting, logistics, inventory, workplace, business strategy, strategic assessments, site selection, etc. The list is as long as your imagination.

Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find a consulting company that specializes in everything you are looking for. Who wants to bring in five different companies to help them. Life would just become more complicated than if you tried to figure everything out yourself. Those people that pull the trigger and start their business go out and get their financial backing, find a real estate broker and start getting everything lined up. All the ducks seem to be in a row, but are you sure you aren't missing anything?

Integrated Strategies works with real estate brokers. Our job is to help those brokers' clients be in the best position to succeed long-term. Our goal is to create partnerships with businesses so that we can help each other over the long-term. We see our role as that of client advocate, setting up everything necessary. We can set you up with procurement strategies with the vendors you will need on an everyday basis. We have the capabilities to manage your facilities or assist with your asset tracking. We have the tools to implement, design, or manage any physical work you need completed. And we aren't outsourcing any of that work, it's all done in house so you can meet, know and have that single point of accountability for the entire aspect of your business that you need help with.

America has become a small business, service economy. Specialization is the key to success anymore. Specialize what you do well at and we'll help you with the rest.

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